About Us

Welcome to Goldyn Rae Alpaca Art!

My original needle felted artwork features fiber from my own farm-raised Suri Alpaca herd. The Suri Alpaca is a member of the camelid family, which also includes the Huacaya alpaca, llama, camel, vicuña, and guanaco. Alpacas have been domesticated for thousands of years. Suri Alpacas were imported to the United States from Bolivia, Chile and Peru in the 1990’s.

Suri Alpacas are rare! They are known for their long, silky locks that drape in appearance and exhibit a high degree of luster. Alpaca fiber is considered hypoallergenic (there is no lanolin like you find in sheep’s wool). Alpacas produce 16 natural colors ranging from shades of white, fawn, brown, black and grey.

Alpacas tend to have a gentle disposition and are relatively easy to maintain. They require shelter and clean water. Alpacas are ruminants that eat grass or hay, and chew their cud. Alpacas don’t have upper teeth or hooves. They have lower teeth and toenails that are occasionally trimmed.

Alpacas are typically shorn once per year. After shearing, I skirt the fleece to remove obvious debris, separate the independent locks, and then thoroughly wash the fiber. I use a single felting needle to create my artwork. My focus is to offer a collectable that highlights the beauty and uniqueness of Suri Alpaca fiber.

Raising these beautiful animals has provided inspiration to create this distinctive artwork.